01 A Modern-Day Mayflower
      How Would Your Imaginary Pilgrims Be Different, and the Same?
02 The Mayflower Compact: Make Your Own
      1620 Pilgrim Agreement Set the Stage for the U.S. Constitution; Now It's Your Turn to Make the Rules
03 Did Plymouth Rock?
      Not Really -- But the Rock is a Great American Memorial, and You Can Make Your Own -- Rock On, America!
04 Thanksgiving Pageant
      The Best Part of a Thanksgiving Pageant Is the Feast Afterwards
05 Extracting Main Ideas
      For Grades 7-12: Getting to the Heart of Quotes About Voting from America's Founding Fathers
06 Build a Fleet of Boats, and Pretend You're Naval Hero John Paul Jones
      Reenacting Early American History, In a Nutshell, Literally
07 World War I's 'Decoration Day' Leads to Our 'Memorial Day'
      Memorize the Famous War Poem, 'In Flanders Fields'
08 Build a Spud Light For an Americanism Quiz
      Test Your Civics Knowledge and Make a Fun Science Project
09 True/False Game on George Washington
      Win Prizes By Knowing Key Facts About the Father of Our Country -- The Man, the Myth, the Wig, the Cherry Tree
10 Top 10 List for Little Patriots
      Make a Mini-Deck of Illustrated Cards With 10 Important Concepts About America
12 Flag Day Pinwheels
      For Flag Day or Any Day, Give Flag Awareness a Whirl, All Rights Reserved.