Food & Cooking



01 Bananarama
      Nutritional Superstar, and It Even Gives a Great Shoeshine
02 How Many Miles Per Gallon Do YOU Get?
      Using Math Skills to Compute Calories
03 Takeout Choices -- Red Light, Green Light!
      Nutrition Advice: What to Go For, and What to Avoid
04 Eskimo Pie
      Fro-Yo or Ice Milk Make This Cool Treat Calorie-Cool, Too
05 Brain Food
      Make a Poster Showing What's Good, and Not So Good, For Your Brain to 'Eat'
06 Cinnamon Rolls
      A Classic Treat for Mother's Day or Any Day
07 Yams -- Also Known As Sweet Potatoes
      That Great Combination: Both Sweet AND Healthy!
08 Funny Face Sandwiches
      Smile, Inside and Out, When You Make and Enjoy This Fun Snack
09 Homemade Peanut Butter
      Can You Taste a Difference Between Yours, and Store-Bought?
10 Dinner Plate Game
      Print Out a Paper Plate To Learn About Food Groups
11 Top Ten Nutrition Tips
      Cook Up Good Info on Food, and Give Your Friends a Full Meal of Nutrition Savvy
12 Food That Looks Real -- Buckeye Cookies
      Dip Peanut Butter Balls In Chocolate to Resemble Famous Ohio Nuts
13 Popcorn Physics -- It's In the Bag
      A New Way to Make Microwave Popcorn, All Rights Reserved.