01 Why Develop Your Spirituality?
      The Sturdy, Three-Legged Stool: Mind, Body, Spirit
02 What the Different Faiths Believe, In a Nutshell
      A Matching Game: We're Not Saying They're NUTS -- Just That This is What They Believe, In Brief
03 The Five Finger Prayer
      To Give You a . . . HAND . . . in Knowing How to Pray
04 God's Cake
      In Life, as in Cake, Yucky Ingredients Can Wind Up Pretty Sweet
05 Easter -- Resurrection Eggs
      Tell the Story of Easter Week With a Colorful Carton of Surprises
06 The Bell of God's Promises
      Let These Loving Bible Verses Ring In Your Ears
07 G.R.A.C.E. Poster
      A Reminder For Your Wall of the All-Important Concept of Grace
08 Bible Medicine For Times of Trouble
      The Great Physician Has an Rx: Love From the Bible
09 The Bible and the Environment
      God Was Green Before Green Was Cool
10 Fruit of the Spirit Binoculars
      A Little Prop to Help You See All the Goodness in Your Life
11 Conflicts and Other Moldy Gross-Outs
      Clean Up Relationship Problems Before They Get Really Ugly
12 The 12 P's of Prayer
      Perspectives on All It Provides -- Plenty!
13 Christian Heroes: George Washington Carver
      World-Famous African-American Scientist Always Credited Jesus

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