Holidays & Seasons



New Year's Goodie Calendar
      Resolve to Start Someone's Year Off Right
Snow Art
      After Snowmen, Snowballs and Snow Angels Are Done, Try . . .
Trash Art: Make a 'Snow Being'
      Adaptive Re-use For Holiday Giftwrap, Cards, Etc.
Snow Sculpture
      Use Your Hands, And All Kinds of Wacky Other Things
Popcorn Snow People
      Make a Muffler Out of Fruit Leather -- It's Really . . . COOL!
Blizzard Beach Party
      Bring the Beach Indoors and Defy the Winter Blahs
Ice Candles
      Fire and Ice: Winter Beauty At Its Best
Italian Snowflakes
      Creative Pasta Sculptures Make You Use Your Noodle
Winter Beanbag Warmer
      Turn a Plain Old Sock Into a Gift of Comfort For Anyone Outside in Wintry Weather
Martin Luther King Day: Appreciating the 'I Have a Dream' Speech
      Upper Grade School and Middle-School Students Will Dream of Using Allusions, Metaphors and Repetition With the Power and Beauty of Dr. King
Heartstrings: A Valentine's Craft
      For Ages 10 and Up, a Unique Homemade Gift
Valentine's Door Decorations
      An Open and Shut Case of Colorful Fun
      Paper Critters With Hearts For Parts
Chinese New Year Dragon Dance
      Make a Festive Party Prop to Shake a Leg and Stomp Your Feet
Chinese New Year: Paper Lantern
      Ward Off Evil Spirits, or At Least Look Good Trying
Presidents' Day: George Washington One-Act Plays
      Three Mini-Dramas About Our Nation's Numero Uno
Presidents' Day Memorization Challenge
      Impress Your Friends: Rattle Off All 44 Names By Heart
St. Patrick's Day Pot Luck
      Party Planning Goes Green
St. Paddy's Footprints
      Tiny Green Footprints Make a Great St. Patrick's Day Surprise
Irish Freckle Bread
      Make This Traditional Bread and Guess Which Ingredient Becomes the "Freckles"
Threaded Easter Eggs
      Embroidery Thread Decorates 'Empty' Eggs For Decorations That Will Last For Years
May Day Newspaper Basket
      On May 1, Fill With Spring Flowers or Candy, Leave On a Friend's Porch, Ring the Doorbell . . . and RUN!!!
Memorial Day: Bravery Duly Noted
      Do an Oral History on an Elder Who Served in the Military
Mother's Day: Flower Magnets
      These Homemade Pretties Will (Excuse the Pun) Draw You Even Closer Together
Flag Day
      How It Came About, and a Decoration To Remind You "For Which It Stands"
Father's Day: Make a Mini Sand Castle Together
      Even If a Beach Is Out of Reach, You Can Build This and Have a Ball
Fourth of July T-Shirts
      Creative Fashion Design For Family and Friends
Fourth of July Placemats
      Printed Muffin Cups Star in This Colorful Project
Labor Day Workers' Collages
      Gobs of Jobs, Celebrated In a Work of Art
Columbus Day Mini-Boats
      Look What You Can Do to Celebrate 1492
Recycled Halloween Costumes
      Cheap, Easy, 'Green' Dress-Up Ideas
Grocery Sack Ghost
      Halloween Decorations That Are So Cute and So Cheap, They're Boo-Tiful
Milk Jug Spooks
      Recycled Milk Jugs Look Boo-tifully Cute by Front Door or Inside
Halloween Party Fun Food
      A Little Kitchen Magic Makes Scary-Good Snacks
Candy Ghosts
      Cheesecloth Makes 'Em Spooky Cute
Autumn Leaves: Where Did the Green Go?
      Experiments With Coffee Filters Show the Basics of Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll
Autumn Leaves Candle Holder
      Make One or a Group to Celebrate the Colors of Fall
Veterans Day Activities
      Connecting to the Ones Who Defended the USA
'Crayons-giving' Placemats
      Make a Memory They'll Give Thanks For
Nature Centerpieces
      Something Fun to Do While the Turkey's Cookin'
Thanksgiving Pageant For Young Children
      Direct and Produce a Simple Play for the Itty Bitties in Your Family, Sunday School Class or Local Preschool
Thanksgiving: The 5 Kernels of Corn Activity
      A Simple Way to Learn About the Pilgrims, Food Shortages, and Bravery
Thanksgiving: Family Tales
      Collect Paragraphs About What Everybody's Thankful For, and Read Them Aloud
Apple Santa
      Make a Jolly Old Elf to Keep or Give Some Christmas Cheer
The Legend of the Poinsettia
      Learn About This Distinctive Plant, and Draw and Color a Picture of It
Recycling Christmas Cards
      Pretty Papers and Designs Can Live Again as a Gift Container Next Year
Hershey's Kiss Angel
      Easy Christmas Craft Is a Fun Take-Along For Caroling
Snow Globes
      Make a Mini-Blizzard
Groundhog's Day Cupcakes
      Too Cute to Eat? Nahhhhh!, All Rights Reserved.