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Candy Ghosts


Today's Snack:


Halloween Crunch Balls


1/3 C. light corn syrup

1/3 C. peanut butter

2 T. sugar

1 C. puffed wheat or corn cereal

1 C. popped popcorn

C. peanuts, raisins or a mix of both


Heat syrup, peanut butter and sugar in a large microwaveable bowl on high temperature for about 2 minutes, or until it comes to a boil.

Carefully remove from microwave and stir in remaining ingredients with a big spoon. Cool slightly.

Wet your hands with cold water and shape into small balls - about the size of golf balls. Makes 20 to 30. Wrap and store in waxed paper.

Optional: if you put some red and yellow food coloring in with the corn syrup, the color will resemble a mini-pumpkin better.






For one ghost:


1 lollipop (Tootsie Roll Pops work great)


10" square of plain white fabric (use an old sheet or get scraps from a sewing store)


11" square of cheesecloth (purchase in bulk from a sewing store)


White ribbon or white twine


Glue-on or stick-on googly eyes (small size)


Tacky glue




Fishing line



It's a fun Halloween treat to make yourself one ghost, or if you're really in to it, you can make as many as you think you'll have trick-or-treaters, and hang from your front porch for them to take one by one.


  1. Lay down the white fabric square.


  1. Layer the cheesecloth square on top of it.


  1. Wrap them both around the "head" of the lollipop.


  1. Gather the fabric at the "neck" and tie with white ribbon or twine.


  1. Glue on eyes; let dry.


  1. Pull at the cheesecloth at the bottom to make it tear and unravel, and look more ghostly.


  1. Cut a long piece of fishing line. Loop it through a hole of the cheesecloth at the very top of the ghost's "head." Tie a knot.


  1. Hang in your window, or on your porch, or put in a bowl to give to trick-or-treaters.



By Susan Darst Williams Holidays & Seasons 39 2009

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